2017 ACVR Annual Scientific Conference

  • The American College of Veterinary Radiology's Annual Scientific Conference will be held in the beautiful city of Phoenix, AZ on October 18-21, 2017. See Phoenix 2017 for all the details.

December 2017 Preliminary Examination and Certifying Examination One-Section Retake Application Deadline

  • For the December 2017 Radiology Preliminary Examination and Certifying Examination One-Section Retake, the deadline for the application and fee payment is November 6th. Apply using the Online Application Forms.

September 2018 Preliminary and Certifying Examination Application Deadline

  • The application/reapplication and fee payment deadline for the September 2018 Radiology Preliminary and Certifying Examinations and the Radiation Oncology Certifying Examination is January 31, 2018. Application and Payment will be available November 13, 2017. See the ACVR Examination page.

Membership in ACVR's Special Interest Societies

About American College of Veterinary Radiology

The ACVR is an AVMA Recognized Veterinary Specialty Organization incorporated under the laws of the state of Illinois as a non-profit organization of veterinary specialists in Radiology and Radiation Oncology. The ACVR is NOT an institution of higher education and is NOT authorized to award degrees or college credit. The mission of the ACVR is to enhance and promote the highest quality of service in diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology, to optimize veterinary patient care, and to advance the science of veterinary radiology and radiation oncology through research and education.


The ACVR membership consists of Diplomates (board-certified radiologists and radiation oncologists), Associates, Residents, and Society Members. The ACVR has four Societies consisting of the Veterinary Ultrasound Society, CT/MRI Society, Society of Veterinary Nuclear Medicine, and the Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging Society. Anyone (veterinarian or non-veterinarian) with an interest in veterinary diagnostic imaging can join one or more of the ACVR Societies.

Veterinary Professionals

Accurate and complete interpretation of your imaging studies is critical to developing an effective treatment plan. Rapid advances in the veterinary profession can make it difficult for veterinarians to remain current with recent developments in some of today's complex imaging or radiation therapy procedures. Learn how an ACVR board-certified radiologist or radiation oncologist can help your practice provide the best possible care for your patients.

Pet Owners

The Health Care Team is made up of the owner (client), the general practice veterinarian, and the ACVR board-certified radiologist or radiation oncologist. The ACVR radiologist or radiation oncologist has the training, expertise and equipment to perform the latest state-of-the art imaging or radiotherapy procedures. This helps the primary care veterinarian provide the best possible care for your animal. See the Directory of Diplomates to find a board-certified radiologist or radiation oncologist near you.